The big picture

Picture this, as you have dozens of times before.

Begin scene: You pack a small knapsack of necessities which consists of food, a few toiletries, extra set of clothes, and your passport/ID. You hop in the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and head to work. No one knows it’s your last day, so you carry on with your normal duties all the while feeling a little less stressed, and a little more carefree. Why? Because you are not coming in tomorrow, or the day after that. When the work day is done you head towards the airport and purchase a one-way ticket to someplace you have never been. 5 to 25 hours later you arrive in unfamiliar setting, without expectations, without responsibilities, and without a past.

Cut to classic revelation scenario: You pull up a chair in the outdoor patio section of a unique-looking café and order a drink. The sun shines directly through your glass and onto the table illuminating your new life.
End scene: A fresh start, free at last.

Why do we run?
When your first instinct is to run, it’s usually driven by regret, panic and fear. When an unexpected problem arises that seems overwhelming and threatens our survival we are faced with a fight or flight scenario. It will always be easier to run away from a problem in the short term than it will be to put forth effort, take responsibility and time to solve it for the long term.

What you need to understand
Running away is a short term solution that will only set you back in the scheme of your life. There are no consequences of action in the escape scenario because tomorrow doesn’t exist. When we focus only on the moment, we ignore the big picture of our lives as a whole, and by doing so cannot consciously work towards making the best life for ourselves. If you want to live a long and happy life, then you have to plan for tomorrow. The only way to improve your life is to face your problems, conquer them, and move forward.

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