Fine Print

Loans are to be approved within 24 hours of application (Between Monday-Thursday) and within 48-72hrs of application on weekends. (Between Friday- Sunday)
Pre-approval is subject to change based on verification of your income and other documentation.
Fast Access Financial is not a credit repair service. Fast Access Financial reports Equifax monthly, and can be beneficial or detrimental to your credit score depending on your payment history.
The length of your term will depend on the size of your loan.
The amount of your loan will depend on our assessment of your profile. Ask a representative for details.
The rate of your loan will depend on our assessment of your profile and the type of loan you are requesting. Rates vary from 9.90%-58.99%

Too many loans may be seen as an increased risk to potential creditors, and failure to meet the repayment obligations will result in a negative report to the credit bureau which in turn damages your credit score. Please borrow responsible.
Loans from Fast Access Financial are not automatically renewed. If you wish to renew your loan you must contact the branch for a review of your profile and payment history to see if you qualify.
Fast Access Financial does not charge a penalty for early payouts or late fees, but returned NSF (non-sufficient funds) will incur a $100 fee in addition to the fee charges by the customer’s financial institution.
Fast Access Financial contacts customers in arrears as soon as possible through various means including, but not limited to telephone, email, postal mail and SMS. Fast Access Financial may work with third parties to assist in collection activities.