Trouble with closing costs?

You’ve spent your time, money, and energy working with realtors, lawyers, agents etc negotiating the best deal for the purchase a house or mortgage. You’ve filled out paperwork, gone through screening processes, taken time out of your work day to visit offices, and homes. You’ve jumped through all the hoops set up for you – ONLY TO FIND OUT THE CLOSING COSTS ARE UNAFFORDABLE?


Now what – try to find financing elsewhere?

Invest more time and energy scrambling for cash anywhere you can find it? Call a few more agents, brokers, lawyers, financial services, in-laws, relatives – all to beg for help with the final cost of closing? There is a better way.


What is a deal?

An agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit.


What are closing costs?

When purchasing a house, renewing a mortgage or getting a new mortgage, all parties involved will charge a fee for providing their services in order to close the deal.


How can this help me?

Close My Deal financing will cover shortfall for fees, moving costs, renewal fees, broker fees, agent fees, legal costs and more.


  • Full time employment (35 hour/week min.)
  • Property Ownership for a minimum of 60 days prior to application
  • Owner Occupancy
    • some rental exceptions may apply
  • LTV of no more than 85%
    • subject to change based on locations
  • Loans of up to $7500.00!
  • Rates starting at 19.99%!
  • 1-3 Year repayment terms!
  • Easy application process
  • NO additional credit check *
  • 100% approval rating *

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Previous Residence Required if you have been at your current residence for less than 1 year.

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