Tips For Back To School Spending

(NC) Buying school supplies and clothes can be the biggest expense for many parents when it comes to shopping for their children. Over Labour Day weekend alone, Canadians made nearly 26 million transactions totalling almost $1.4 billion dollars in retail stores last year. How do you avoid spending a fortune? Here are three tips to help you get the most from your wallet this back-to-school season.

Spot the sales. Take advantage of every deal and coupon that comes your way. Check flyers for clearance sales, spend some time browsing online for discount promo codes, and use a comparison app to get the lowest price possible. This can save you more money than you expect.

Stick to your list. Don’t stray from your teacher’s supply list at the start of a new school year, and avoid getting distracted by unlisted items that catch your attention. As tempting as those items may be, you’ll just waste time and money. If shopping with your child, make sure they know the plan ahead of time.

Make checkout a breeze. Back to school is a very busy time of year. Use Interac Flash to get through the checkout line faster. It allows you to pay for purchases quickly, securely and conveniently by simply holding your bank card in front of the reader at checkout.

Back to school is an expensive time for everyone. The cost of books, clothes, shoes, utensils, and transportation can derail any summer plans you may have had, and even strain your current financial situation without even adding the extras. At Fast Access Finance we offer short and long term loans for every situation. Borrow between 5000-10000 today, hassle free. Apply online at or call 1-855-367-9191 to speak to one of our team members.

The Advantages Of New And Used Cars

One of the hardest questions you have to answer before deciding to buy a vehicle is whether or not you would like buy it new or used because you have to understand the consequences of each choice. It can be a tough decision to make, and you want to make the best one for your short or long-term goals. Here’s what you should consider before going for a test drive.

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Secured Vs Unsecured

In the simplest terms secured means protected; from worst case scenarios by having a safety net in case of [enter scenario]. Insurance on your home protects you in case of flood, fire, burglary by covering all/partial damages. Insurance on your credit card protects you against identity theft, unemployment etc. by covering all/partial damages. A secured loan simply means there is a backup protection plan in case the borrower does not repay the loan amount.

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Choice: A universal paradox

You are free to choose, but not free from the consequence of your choice. At one point or another we have all wished for the benefits of a desire without the repercussions of its cost. Children want to be treated like adults but without any of the responsibilities that come along with it. Parents want their children to confide in them without losing their authoritative manner. Some people just want to eat cheesecake without it going directly to their hips…We all wish that life was a game of picking and choosing to ensure nothing bad ever came our way. Unfortunately that is not the way life works, and every choice has its consequences.

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How to Avoid Loan Sharks

If you are a consumer with bad credit and you are strapped for cash, your frustration with being unable to obtain a loan from a traditional lender may leave you with the intention of taking more desperate measures. You may even be considering taking a loan from what is commonly referred to as a “loan shark”. Since dealing with loan sharks can be detrimental to your financial future, as well as the well-being of your family, it is vital that you avoid doing so at all costs. Fortunately, there are other options available for consumers with poor credit scores.

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