5 Tips To Save On Your Spring Break Vacation

Looking to get away? Travelling during spring break is ideal for a few reasons; The kids have time off of school, the weather is still gross, and for most industries (excluding accounting) work volume stays relatively steady. Before you plan your getaway you should consider a few things that could save you money in the long run!

Choose your location wisely
There are dozens of last minute deals during the months of February and march but not all of them are actually cheaper. Like any industry, travel companies know that everyone is looking to get away during this time, and prices rise due to demand. Think about visiting places that are less of a tourist hotspot. Not set on warmer weather? Consider travelling to colder places. What better time to take an adventure and visit somewhere out of the ordinary. If the cold isn’t for you, sites like Kayak.com or booking.com make it easy to see the cheapest beach destinations available.

Book your flights at opportune times
Once you’ve settled on a destination, you can start to consider flight availability and length of time. The most popular length of stay is 7 days departing and returning on a weekend. Weekday departures and returns are much cheaper because of most travellers preferences to fly on weekends. Try a 5 or 6 day trip, and an alternative airport. Sometimes driving an hour or two to a smaller airport will save you a few hundred dollars. Booking hotel and flight together is almost always the cheaper option because the more you bundle, the more you save.

Where to stay
What kind of trip are you looking for? If you are thinking about relaxing in your hotel or lounging around the majority of the time, you may want to spend the money to stay somewhere nice with amenities (spa, gardens, wifi,balcony etc) If your more of a busy body and spend your free time constantly moving, a suitable bed might be all you need. Airbnb offers cheap homes/apartments which are usually cheaper than hotels. Consider renting an RV? or even pack a tent if you’re up for the adventure! Always have a plan B; There are dozens of hotels that only require a credit card on file to secure a room, book at least one that is free or has a refundable deposit just in case. When your vacation date nears and you’ve settled on plan A don’t forget to CANCEL your other booking(s) before you are charged.

meals are not always at the forefront of your list when booking a vacation spot – but it should be factored into your budget. Are you staying at an all inclusive that provides daily meals or will you be on your own? Consider booking a room with a kitchenette; Not only can you test out the local delicacies, but you’ll have the freedom to prepare what you want when you want it. If cooking is not your forte, research local restaurants to find coupons available for purchase in advance using groupon.

Stick to your budget!
Having a budget doesn’t mean you cant enjoy yourself, It means you’ve made a list of priorities so you can enjoy the things you love most. Many vacation spots offer tourist packages, discounted excursions, and daily passes to travellers. Take advantage of group activities and what destination spots are free/ discounted for children. Look online for coupons, and city websites that have information like this at the ready!

Stay home?
A staycation can be just as much fun as travelling to another location. Need the change of scenery? Drive to another time nearby, take the train to another city or boat. Book a tour in wine country, a cabin in the woods, a cottage by the lake or a chalet in the mountains. In 2017, Canada is offering free passes to all it’s National parks to celebrate the country’s 150th birthday!

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