Christmas Time Savings Rhyme II

Its almost that time, when the world is aglow.
The beauty of string lights and white fluffy snow.
The smell of sweet cookies and warm apple pie,
A cozy lit fire, where the family all lie.

But Its time for your yearly encounter with fate.
Will your savings survive? Its up for debate.
Buckle your belts, and pull up a chair,
Try not to rip out what’s left of your hair

As you scan through the lists you’ve been given in hand,
your jaw hits the floor at such high-end demands.
A pony and castle are the least of your worry,
Where will you find all this? and how? and hurry!

There are things you can do, to ensure your survival
Don’t look to your neighbors, its you that is liable.
Every penny you spend, is a lesson you teach.
For yourself and for all, watch what you preach.

A budget too strict, is surely to fail.
You never can know, what the season entails.
New tires, vet bills, and home renovations,
That long overdue family vacation?

Keep track of your habits with statements and apps,
Its easy for money to slip through the cracks.
Cut back on the “extras” you feel you deserve,
The sundae with whipped cream each week is a splurge

Choose cheaper traditions, you won’t be deflated.
Hot chocolate and movies are so underrated.
Baking with grandparents and skating on ice,
Market street fairs are awfully nice.

Its hard to admit when there’s ways you must grow
financial responsibility is a skill you should know.
When its finally been mastered, and used to progress
You’ll find its quite hard to ever forget.

It’s the season of warmth, good spirit and cheer,
but its just the beginning of another new year.
So remember as a child, the lessons you were taught,
the most valuable memories in life can’t be bought.