Trouble Closing?

Why do we hate closing costs?

There are very few predictable moments in life and we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt to our surroundings, to learn as we go. So we latch onto the few things that know to be certain of and take comfort in knowing what to expect. We can rely on the fact that our paper gets delivered every morning, the fact that our car will get us to work, and we hope to rely on the fact that the cost of the product we are trying to buy, wont have HIDDEN COSTS!

Life doesn’t always go according to plan

If you have experienced this yourself or not, I’m here to tell you that the closing costs are NOT represented in the price of a HOUSE,  CAR, the value of a NEW or RENEWING MORTGAGE. What happens when you’ve jumped through all the hoops, saved up your money and just before closing you find out the cost is $5,000 MORE than you anticipated because of the cost of renewal fees, realtor fees, broker fees, mortgage agent fees etc? Scramble for funding? Negotiate? Beg your relatives? Put up more equity? Take a payday loan?

There is a better solution – CLOSE MY DEAL FINANCING! We can help cover the cost of closing by offering you a financial service that outweighs any other available. Why? Because we’re offering:

  • Loans of up to $7500.00!
  • Easy application process!
  • Rates starting at 19.99%!
  • NO additional credit check*
  • 1-3 Year repayment terms!
  • 100% approval rating!*

What’s the best part? You’ve already done all the prep work, filled out the forms, and had your application approved – Why go through the process again? YOU DONT HAVE TO! Based on your existing application you will be fast tracked for funding within 24 hours of your request to ensure your deal closes in the same day of your request!

Close My Deal financing will cover shortfall for fees, moving costs, renewal fees, broker fees, agent fees, title insurance fees, legal costs and MORE.

Tell your realtors, brokers, agents, family and friends about us! We can help them too!

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