Finance on wheels

What length would you be willing to go to pursue your passion? How much of your own time and money are you willing to invest? Marsha Barnes of Charlotte N.C. exudes ambition and has proven that if you are serious about your goals, anything is possible. She credits her business savvy to her parents who inspired her from a young age to be money conscious, and live a frugal lifestyle. It has since been her passion to share her knowledge with the world. With a certificate in financial education, it was a dream of hers to start a company and teach others to prepare themselves financially for life and for the unexpected. In November 2014 while trying to get her business off the ground, she realized that if she wanted to stand out, her office space was going to have to be a little out of the ordinary…

The Finance Bar is a mobile classroom in which Ms. Barnes educates her customers about basic topics such as paying down debt, building a budget, managing money on your own or as a couple, and all the money-saving tricks that nobody tells you. What’s her classroom mobility like? Well – on a 45 foot school bus – it’s pretty flexible. She purchased the school bus off craigslist and completely refurnished and redesigned the interior to create an intelligent, comfortable work space with all the utensils needed to get started. Individuals who want to learn about how to properly manage their money can sign up (in advance) for seminars and group workshops, and can be connected to professional experts in all other fields of finance. Having the mobility she does, she is able to travel to college campuses, offices buildings, and people’s homes, to ensure that anyone who can’t come to her – is not left out. November 2015 will mark one year of successful business, and she has expressed her goal of having multiple school buses and expanding across Canada to keep her dream of helping others alive. The Finance Bar is about teaching you how to plan for your future, and it all starts by taking the initiative to get help when you need it.

Take initiative.

Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than enthusiasm or excitement it is ambition materialized into action. Lack of financial knowledge should not be an obstacle that deters you from following your passion. At Fast Access Finance we can give you the information and services you need to change your financial path. We offer immediate solutions to enable you to achieve long-term goals. Visit Fast Access for answers to all your “how-it-works” questions, promotional offers, tips on how-to save, and for access to the short and long term loans we offer. Experience firsthand how getting fast access to the money you need right now, can change your future.