Choice: A universal paradox

You are free to choose, but not free from the consequence of your choice. At one point or another we have all wished for the benefits of a desire without the repercussions of its cost. Children want to be treated like adults but without any of the responsibilities that come along with it. Parents want their children to confide in them without losing their authoritative manner. Some people just want to eat cheesecake without it going directly to their hips…We all wish that life was a game of picking and choosing to ensure nothing bad ever came our way. Unfortunately that is not the way life works, and every choice has its consequences.

When it comes to personal finance you have the choice to spend your own earnings however which way you want to. You can choose to invest, take a vacation, buy a new car, donate to charity, start your own business, or go dozens of other routes with unknown possibilities. What you think is a “good buy” is dependent on your personal desires but your choices are likely to be influenced from outside sources without you even realizing it. The average person sees roughly 3000 advertisements a day across all media platforms. These ads work to fuel your imagination in order to get you to make purchases (for that company’s product line) that usually aren’t good for your financial or mental well-being.

Life is a series of choices, the sum of which define your path over an extended time. Eventually you will have to face the consequences of your actions- but if you’ve made better choices – those consequences will be more rewarding than punishing. Spending money for immediate satisfaction does not often yield rewards in the long-term and can lead to over-spending, debt, bankruptcy, repossession and personal loss. There are few things in this world you have complete control over, and luckily, how you spend your money is one of them.

Its time to start making better choices.

Choose to educate yourself. Everyone you will ever meet in life knows something that you don’t, and there is no detrimental value to learning something new. At Fast Access Finance we can educate you about these three financial aids:

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