How to Save Money on Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping is one of the busiest times of the year.  It means expenses like books, supplies, fees and of course new clothes.  These items can really add up, especially for families with more than one child in school.  If you want to know how to save money on back to school shopping, try a few of the following suggestions to keep a little more cash in your pocket this year.

General Tips

Make a list – Use supply guides from school, and make a list of what clothes each child needs.  You’ll be less tempted to get items you don’t really need, and it’s easier to budget your money.

Buy discounted gift cards – Buy discounted gift cards online and use them to make your purchases.  Sometimes cards can be discounted as much as 20%.  It’s like getting free money!

Follow your favorites – Get coupons, e-mail specials or discounts from your favorite stores when you follow them on social media.

Focus on getting the best price on big ticket items – Get the best prices on the items that cost the most.  Smaller items like pencils will have similar prices no matter where you buy them.

Saving money on clothes

One of the most fun parts of going back to school is seeing what everyone is wearing.  These tips for how to save money on back to school shopping will have your kids looking their best.

Look for good sales – Many of those back to school necessities are the cheapest you’ll see them all year.  If your kids need jeans, wait for that “lowest price of the season” sale to buy them.

Stagger back to school spending – Many clothing items are available year around.  Spend a little each month over the summer.  You can still catch a sale and it won’t be a big expense all at once.

Shop the clearance rack – If the kids can wear summer clothes or their clothes from last year for a few weeks, consider waiting until after school starts to go clothes shopping.  Stores start putting clothes on clearance a week or two after school starts.

Shop online – If you have more than one child to buy clothes and shoes for, shop online.  You can still score deals and you’ll probably spend enough to get the free shipping.

Find a consignment shop – There are both traditional and online shops specializing in “gently used” children’s clothing.

Compromise – Let your teen buy one trendy outfit they really want and go for classic styles on the rest of their clothing.

Saving on supplies and lunches

Looking for other ways how to save money on back to school shopping?  You can save on supplies and lunches too.

Marked down supplies – Notebook paper, pencils, and crayons are needed every year and they are easy to store.  When the stores start marking down those items, buy a couple extra and save them for next year.

Check different kinds of stores – You might not normally buy school supplies at the grocery store, but they may have a better sale on special purchase items they don’t normally stock.

Buy in bulk – It can make packing lunches and snacks cheaper.

Buy reusable containers and bags for lunches

Figuring out how to save money on back to school shopping is easy, but sometimes unexpected expenses come up and you might need a little extra money.  You can contact Fast Access Financial to find the loan options that are right for you.  Apply online today!