3 Benefits of Private Lenders for Personal Loans

When you’re in need of a personal loan you don’t always have the time, resources, or credit score to wait for a bank to approve your loan and get the money to you. Luckily there are private lenders out there willing to provide you with access to quick cash. Let’s take a peek at the top 3 reasons it pays to work with private lenders.

Applying for private personal loans is faster and easier

There’s nothing easier than working with a private lender like Fast Access Finance. You start with a simple 3-step application process that includes calling us to assure you meet the basic requirements, faxing in your last two pay stubs and 60 days of banking, providing us with a bill verifying your address, giving us three references, and signing the Promissory Note. These simple steps are all it takes to get the money you need right away.

You don’t have to have stellar credit

As you read through the requirements for getting a personal loan through Fast Access Finance, you’ll note that there isn’t a word about credit. This is because personal loans don’t rely on credit the way a bank loan would. For example, you’ll see requirements like age, residency, full-time employment, and minimum income. These are requirements that even those with poor credit can meet. When you’re in need of cash today and you don’t have the credit history to back it up, personal loans are likely the right choice for you.

You get access to cash quickly

Many consumers don’t realize that getting a loan funded through a traditional lending institution can take several weeks. When you want a quick answer, and you need quick cash, this simply won’t do. The good news is that personal loans through private lenders are generally approved quickly. The key to getting the cash you need as quickly as possible is to stay on top of your responsibilities. You’ll need to fax a wide range of documents and you’ll need to sign a Promissory Note, as outlined above. As soon as these documents are requested from you, get them back to your private lender.

If you’re ready to get access to cash as quickly as 24 – 48 hours from now, then today is the day to contact Fast Access Finance. Our application process is quick and easy and we understand the unique needs of those with less than stellar credit. Call us or apply online today to get started with the process!