How to Shop Holiday Sales to Make the Most of Your Budget

How to Shop Holiday Sales to Make the Most of Your Budget
How to Shop Holiday Sales to Make the Most of Your Budget

With the holidays nearly upon us, holiday sales abound, both in stores and online. These sales are only going to become more numerous as the holidays approach. If you want to make the most of your budget, however, you have to pay close attention to these sales and spend your money wisely.

Do make a holiday sales budget and shopping list

Before you start shopping, sit down and figure out just exactly what you can spend this year – and stick to it. Next, make a shopping list of what you plan to buy, including wrapping paper, cards, etc. These expenses, too, should be part of your budget so that you don’t exceed what you’ve set as your limit.

Make the most of your budget with wise “holiday sales” shopping

Do your homework

Before you shop, do your homework. Price check for the gifts you want to get and note who has the lowest price on each. Take notes and use this to choose the retailers you’ll patronize when you buy gifts.

Use price comparison websites

Google for “price comparison websites” and see what you come up with. In many cases, you’ll be able to enter the exact names of the gifts you’re looking for to find the best price among online retailers.

Ask for price matching

Retailers will often match prices if you find a competitor has priced merchandise lower. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and since most want your business, they may even have a price matching policy,

Shop online sales whenever you can

Shopping online isn’t just more convenient in that you can get gifts shipped right to your own or recipients’ doors, but it can actually be cheaper than shopping at a brick-and-mortar establishment. You’ll save on gas and time, parking fees if applicable, and the stress and hassle of dealing with crowds of people.

The power of coupon codes and cashback

Many if not most retailers now offer “coupon codes” that will save you money on your purchases. You may, for example, get a percentage off of your sales total, and/or free shipping. Even better, coupon codes for holiday sales are often even more generous than they are during other times of year.

Cashback is another great way to save some money on gifts. Although you’ll spend the money upfront on holiday sales, you can recoup a small percentage of what you spent if you sign up for one of the cashback companies on the Internet. Sign up, and then start at the cashback website to go to the store’s website.

Pay cash when you can

Although it’s tempting to use your credit cards to shop, using them to make your gift purchases can get you in trouble very quickly. This is why having a budget is so important. If you are disciplined enough, it may be a good idea to use a credit card with a cashback or points, etc., option so that you get something “for free” when you use your credit card – but make sure you have the money saved up and pay your bill as soon as it comes in.

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