Tips on Saving Money By Creating Your Own Christmas Cards

Sending out Christmas cards is a great gesture, but the cost usually adds up if you do it in a hurry. You can, of course choose not to send cards at all if they are not important to you or even call everyone instead of writing. Yet, for many people, Christmas cards remain a symbol of tradition and definitely make their must-do list every year. A great way to save money is to create your own Christmas cards and send them out. It is an original way not to enjoy sending out Christmas cards when you are on a tight budget. Here are some tips on saving money by creating your own Christmas cards:

  • Trim your list. It is impossible not to notice how mailing lists have a way of growing each year. Over the years, some of the people on your list may fall off, simply because you haven’t spoken to them in quite some time. In that case you can start saving money on cards and stamps by reducing your mailing list to those people who are really important to you. Sometimes, you can simply have your mailing list reduced to include only the persons that you will not be seeing over the holiday season.
  • Get kids involved. Children are not only creative, but they are truly original. You may not even realize that you have a budding artist in the family, perhaps even a Picasso. Most children have incredible talent and they are able to produce amazing things with their little hands. They can help you with the design, but they can also help you when it comes to cutting out decorations for your Christmas cards. Getting kids involved can save you money, while allowing you to keep enjoying this nice Christmas tradition. Your recipients will be sure to love Christmas cards designed by your little ones!
  • Choose card making stock. Search for amazing deals on card stock, including fancy-edged, textured, or smooth paper. To make your Christmas cards even more original you can gear your card paper to the individual recipient. Visit the dollar store and craft stores for clearance-priced scrapbook paper and accessories.
  • Keep it simple! Christmas cards are all about sending out your greeting sentiment to the people who are truly an important part of your life. So there is no point in sending out elaborate cards with long messages and a multitude of pictures. A simple message personalized for each recipient is a lot more successful idea and makes a unique gift. As long as they are handmade, your Christmas cards will make a great impression on the people who are close to your heart.
  • Get plain envelopes! While lovely decorated versions of Christmas card envelops look amazing, they add up to your costs quite a bit. So forget about elaborated envelopes and get plain envelopes that you can easily decorate yourself. A little personalized mark that you can print out on each of them will make your Christmas cards even more special.