Strategic Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

Whether you want to get your hands on some of those great deals that get better as Christmas gets closer, or you are simply a last minute shopper because you have a tight schedule, you can definitely use some of these last minute holiday shopping tips:

  • Take a Day off from Work. No matter how efficient you would like to be in your last minute holiday shopping endeavors, you still need time to shop. So if you plan on hitting the stores, consider taking a day off from work if at all possible.
  • Shop Early in the Morning. Most stores have extended hours during the holidays, so the best time to start finding the best deals at your favorite stores, is to arrive as soon as the store opens.
  • Be Cautious about your Shopping. Last minute shopping is all about getting the best deals or completing your shopping experience in record time. So be careful not to spend too much on things you don’t really need. Lists are essential for all shoppers, including last minute ones.
  • Shop Online. If time is an issue, shopping online is the solution. However, you need to remember that the best deals are usually on the days just before Christmas, and they usually involve free shipping as well. You will have to check retailers’ shipping deadlines to make sure that you will get your products before Christmas.
  • Shop on Christmas Eve. There are many stores that stay open and are not crowded on Christmas Eve. That’s the time when many people go visit their families and stay away from shopping experiences. There’s still time for those very last minute holiday shoppers!
  • Stay Away from Large Items. Large items, such as treadmills or flat-screen TVs don’t usually include free shipping. Plus, you would like such a purchase to arrive in one piece and on time so it is better to avoid making such purchases last minute.
  • Avoid Personalized Items. Last minute holiday shopping is great in many ways because it allows you to enjoy exceptional deals. However, you should keep in mind that you can’t depend on anything that needs to be customized to arrive on time. So, no engraved, monogrammed shirts, or customized items.
  • Gift an Experience. Instead of the traditional gift, try gifting an experience, such as basketball tickets, spa treatments or painting classes. No matter how close you’re cutting it, you can always buy an experience instantly from the very comfort of your home or office online or purchase a gift card.