Highly Effective People Are Proactive

If you haven’t read “the seven habits of highly effective people” then here’s a small taste that may make you reconsider it. In 1989 Steven Covey published a non-fiction self help book aimed at improving your life by adopting 7 simple habits. The result of which would encourage a shift in thought process to influence change. There are several important stages to becoming an effective person but the first is the best place to start. “be pro-active”, while only a building block in the scheme of revolutionizing the way you live your life, it is the most important. We cannot affect change, if we do not change ourselves.

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The big picture

Picture this, as you have dozens of times before.

Begin scene: You pack a small knapsack of necessities which consists of food, a few toiletries, extra set of clothes, and your passport/ID. You hop in the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and head to work. No one knows it’s your last day, so you carry on with your normal duties all the while feeling a little less stressed, and a little more carefree. Why? Because you are not coming in tomorrow, or the day after that. When the work day is done you head towards the airport and purchase a one-way ticket to someplace you have never been. 5 to 25 hours later you arrive in unfamiliar setting, without expectations, without responsibilities, and without a past.

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