Sneakerhead Currency


Have you ever had a passion for something, that ran so deep it consumed your thoughts, and changed the way you lived? Collecting is passion most people have felt at one point or another in their lifetime, but which usually doesn’t last long. That’s not the case for sneakerheads; die-hard collectors of sneakers. We live in an era of constant advertising and product association. When an article of clothing represents a lifestyle, that’s called branding. Iconography is much more than a symbol, a colour or shape, its depths define you. In 1980 the Nike Air Jordan introduction marked the beginning of shoe culture and a lifestyle of elitism.

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Fall Into Money Saving Habits This Season

There are always tips and tricks to save money in every season, so here’s a few things you can this Autumn.

Before the cold sets in check all of your windows and doors to make sure heat won’t be escaping this winter. If you wait until you find the leak your heating bill may already have done major damage to your bank account. Check your furnace/radiator to make sure their working properly before you need them.

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Can’t afford a mortgage on your own? Try sharing one

(NC) If you’re a growing family or buyer looking to purchase your first home in the rising housing market, a creative solution might be in order. With house and condo prices in cities like Toronto and Vancouver climbing since the 90s, the reality of owning a house with a backyard for the kids seems far away. But for some determined couples, flexibility and an open mind have made this dream a reality.

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Payday Loans: Do You Know What You Signed Up For?

A Payday loan is:

  • usually a small value loan taken out for a short time, typically until your next payday
  • loaned at a retail store or online
  • the most expensive consumer loan in Ontario
  • an unsecured loan (you cannot put any property as collateral or guarantee for the loan, you need to provide the lender with a post-dated cheque or a pre-authorized debit)

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